For fast switching hit ~,1,2,3 to highlight characters 1 always highlights David, 2 and 3 highlight whoever you choosed as your 2nd and 3rd character. ~ highlights all of them, your active character is the last you choosed....


€To have your men be better at fighting themselves, highlight them all then ctrl-click their target. This way they won't be standing still and vuln. to attack. NOTE: doing this method will cause anyone with a projectile weapon to fire it, instead of moving in and attacking. This is good if you want backup. Your non-active characters will continue to attack what they've been told to until you change their target or their target dies.

€For fast switching of weapons use 7,8,9,0.

7: last sword used

8: last orb/magical weapon used

9: last projectile weapon used

0: last shield used

using this method you can have someone versatile such as David have both a spell and a weapon at the same time. I.E. switch from his weapons to the ice orb, walk into your next room. Have him use the attack from far away and then quickly hit 7,0 for close range combat. This works good with Sekune use 7,0 for close range and 9 for long range.

Magic(Orb) Levels


F1 switches the level of current orb to 1

F2 switches the level of current orb to 2

F3 switches the level of current orb to 3

F5 switches the spell icon level to x1

F6 switches the spell icon level to x3

F7 switches the spell icon level to x5

F8 switches the spell icon level to infinity

Note: You need to have the particular magic level before you can switch to it. If your ice magic level is at 2, obviously you can't switch it to 3. The level of your magic increases when you use it for a number of times against the enemy.

Special Attacks


Unlike most items, special attacks are NOT shared between characters ('mana wise' at least). When you pick up a special move each character has access to it and, each character can use it at the same time. Which means if you have the falcon spell and your up against a boss you can make sure each character is using it as his or her special move and as soon as you use it you can switch characters and use theirs. Also specials move regenerate on their own like magic weapons. You can use ALL your special moves before any of them regenerate. To use a special move hold CTRL then the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and do not move the mouse in any direction. In about a second it will perform the special move. You can also perform Special Attacks with your magical orbs. Select one of the magical orbs and press A. This attack is very powerful and has a large ground coverage, however, it also uses alot more mana that a regular magic attack. Your character will perform different attack base on the level of the magic.

One last thing


I (aWG) had some trouble with the game by simply MISSING items that I should have picked up but couldn't see either due to someone stepping on it or just having the item fall behind another structure. To make sure you have picked up everything vital after a fight, click and drag the right mouse button over the battle area and your active character will run and pick up all the items within the highlight.